Story time

Once upon the 1980s, there was a child who loved hearts, rainbows, holidays, and Oxford commas.

Her Dad covered the fridge with his favorite funnies & cartoons. He imparted his joy of puns, world of words, and dry Midwest humor upon his kids whilst wielding his grammar hammer and doing a good deed daily. Her Mom drew smiley faces on her lunch bag and was a talented seamstress, creative costume maker, and great cook when not protecting the dental hygiene of the DC Metro area.

The mash-up of these genetics and many other family tree influences  resulted in that girl becoming a creative director who finally figured out her super combo combining an affinity for fun with a penchant for philanthropy.

Life threw some serious turdballs along the way, but she never stopped thinking about a highly important item on her designer bucket list: at least one product in a retail store (one of those awesome ones with all of the cool & hilarious things). But what would it be? A food product was never under consideration since they are exceedingly complicated. However, after the vision of Cheesus came upon her, it became clear what the calling was: philanthrocheese! 

The Unicornucopia of Yum that is Macaruni & Cheese is her second Mac, gooooooaaaaaaaaalllllll!!! It's a dish of delight and a wish for love to win. Pretty excited that the Mac Daddy has a new BFF. 

(Not yet) the end.


Punny biz is also serious biz

Good Pun firmly believes in sharing is caring and donates a portion of their proceeds to cause-aligned nonprofits. Our hope is to be alive to see the day, in this land of plenty, when the sun shines in on all powers that be, enlightening them to prioritize the health and well-being of all humans through living wages and quality, affordable housing. 

All-true-isms: Farm and grocery workers who are the reason most of us can eat, and who work so hard to put food on our tables, should never need to 1) work a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th job to survive, 2) live in below-standard conditions, and/or 3) rely on nonprofits or personal networks to bridge income gaps. Teachers who educate and care for our children, guaranteeing a future for our ways of life, shouldn't either. And the nonprofits who provide important safety nets shouldn't have to do so much damn work because too many people said yes today, Satan.